Pendulum X
Presented by By the Bi
Pendulum Party: Swing Both Ways

Pendulum Party is about creating a safe space for both men and women who like to swing both ways to come and play.

So if you self-identify as:
β€’ bisexual
β€’ bi-curious
β€’ hetero-flexible
β€’ homo-accepting
β€’ homo-flexible
β€’ hetero-accepting or
β€’ whatever :)

Pendulum expects to see a variety of play scenarios ranging from:
β€’ MM
β€’ MMF
β€’ FF
β€’ FFM
β€’ MFM
β€’ FMF and
β€’ other mixed play is waiting for you!

The experience is a very laid back with the option of glory holes and both open and private rooms available for play.  The perfect pressure free meeting place and, as always, a safe, fun, and erotic time for ALL guests regardless of how you self-identify!

Note: Single men are permitted to this event pending a screening process. Single men that wish to attend MUST contact Our Secret Spot for information.
First times are welcome to come along and see what really happens as there is NO pressure to play.