Behind the Bar
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Behind the Bar
Episode Four - 
Stefano Madau & Stormflower Wines
Wednesday 31 May 6-7pm
Beware of this man!
He knows a thing or two about wine, cheese, food and la dolce vita. It's in his Sardinian nature.  

Tonight he takes you on a wine adventure through the unique and hand crafted wines of Stormflower.  Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz - sure, but why are these particlar wines so wonderful? Stefano will have the answer for that. He was Head Sommelier at Must Winebar up until 2015 and now represents an extensive portfolio for Off the Vine Distributors. 

If you like trying new things, a bit of chit-chat and some wine-friendly bar snacks, gather your friends (or make new ones) and book quickly.

This is the forth in our Behind the Bar series. Bookings and pre-payment required (non refundable) $35.
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